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No, not those bags... bin bags!

Here are some companies we have found that offer clear or white 33-39 gallon plastic or biodegradable plastic bags.  We ship our units with samples of bags from Berry Plastics Corp, but we do  not endorse any bag manufacturer. NOTE: Star sealed bags need to be  longer to fit- about 45" tall, typically sold as a 39 gallon bag.  Composting bags are typically much thinner, less tough. The best one we  have found to date is listed below. If you find a better bag for our bins PLEASE SHARE the information with us so we can let others know!


**Berry Plastics Liners (Medium duty, GREAT FIT) - Web or Amazon search "Berry Plastics Stretch-Fit Coreless Roll Slim LLDPE Can Liner" - Mftr #SFR23SLIMRC - Clear, 23 Gallon, .95MIL, Great Fitting general duty bag except for composting.

Discount Plastic Bags (Medium duty bag) - , SKU 400200, Clear 40-45 gallon, .78 MIL. Good medium/light-duty all around bag except for  composting.

Discount Plastic Bags (Heavy duty bag) - , SKU 400265, Clear 40-45 gallon, .98 MIL. Good heavy-duty all around bag except for  composting.

Discount Plastic Bags (Super duty bag) - , SKU 400320, Clear  31-33 gallon, 3MIL. Super heavy-duty all around bag except for  composting. 

PlasticPlace (Heavy duty bag) -, Item #W42LDC1, Clear 40-45 gallon, 1.2MIL bag. Good  heavy-duty all around bag except for composting.

PlasticPlace (Super duty bag) -, Item #CON50C, Clear 42 gallon, 3MIL bag. Super  heavy-duty all around bag except for composting.

Staples (Less petroleum light bag) - , Item 982843, Model  HERH7450TCRC1, Semi-transparent 33 gallon. Good all around light weight bag except for composting.

Staples (Standard bag)  - , Item 814857, Model 17967, Clear 33 gallon,  1MIL. Good lighter weight all around bag except for composting. Loose  fit on our bin.

Heritage BioTuf (Compostable) -  search online under BioTuf with this model number Y6848YE R01 - 32  Gallon, 34x48, 1 MIL. Light green color bag - meets ASTM #D6400 Standard for compostable plastics - LIGHT WEIGHT - not recommended for paper,  glass or any medium to heavy recycling.